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Tinker Bell and Wendy visiting around town.


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It has been said that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer. It is also the kick off weekend for the Bristol County Hot Rod Association.  Now I am not the owner of a Hot rod, classic or custom car but for the last few years I have joined my Cousin Sheila Walas and her Husband Bill for the annual car show and cook out.

The parking lot at the Elks Lodge in No Attleboro was filled with 150 cars. Walking through the parking lot was like walking down memory lane. I’m not so sure that I like the fact that the cars of my youth are now consider classic car. I guess it’s good I can consider my self a classic and not an antique. 

The owners of the cars spanned several generations, but I’m not sure any owner was as old as the oldest car there a 1922 Ford. Classic car owner Jay Marques and his soon to be wife Jennifer Manco, owners of a 1980 Camaro Z28, are part of the younger generation of car owner. Jay has been around cars all his life and began working on them when he was young. He has been working on this car for a few years and began showing it last year. It is a hobby that he enjoys sharing with his future father-in-law, and DJ for the day, my cousin Bill Walas. 

The two can often be found in Bill’s or Jay’s garage working on either Jay’s car or Bill’s awarding winning Hot Rod a 1941 Ford black delivery sedan adorned with red strips and flames on the fender. Bill enjoys sharing his knowledge of cars with jay. Bill & Sheila have been involved in car show for over 50 years.  

After checking out the cars I had to check out the great raffle table that the ladies had set up. My favorite prize was a Mickey Mouse Crock pot but I didn’t win it. I didn’t win any of the candy prizes either but that was a lot of fun trying to figure out how many pieces of candy were in each jar. 

We all enjoy a grilled hamburger or hot dog before the prizes were handed out for the best cars there in different categories. The day ended with everyone favorite ice cream from Uncle Ed’s Front Porch Ice Cream Truck. 

Saturday morning, we headed over to the Pawtucket Dog Park to check out their annual clean up. When we got there we found Sheryl Rennick and a handful of volunteers working on several different projects. Sheryl put out the word on Facebook that help was needed. Our friend Kim DeBlois was one of people who came over. She lives close to the park so she came with her daughter, J.M. Walsh Salutatorian Yana. While Yana took a walk in the park Kim picked up a paint brush and a container of silver paint and started painting the fence surrounding the dog park. 

Along with the painting of the fence, there were wood to be sealed, dirt areas to be filled in and leveled, dog agility rams and tunnels to be cleaned and flowers to be planted. I have to be honest I wasn’t sure they would be able to complete the many projects in one day. 

I took the Tinker Bell & Wendy to Len’s Hot Dog Haven for their first hot dog of the season and when I returned to the dog park, I found a whole crew of people from Pet Food Experts called Lend a Helping Paw Volunteers. One of the group members told me they are workers at Pet Food who volunteer where needed. I asked Sheryl if she had expected the group to come and she said yes but she had no idea there would be so many of them. I’m sure with all the help from the local volunteers, committee members and the group from Pet Foods the park was completed and open on Sunday.

Have a great week and if you see “Around Town” be sure to Hi!

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