If we set an intention to do something, the chances are much greater that we will actually do this thing.  If we write the intention down somewhere, in a journal or such, we again increase the odds of this thing being done.  It is a good way to begin to feel better about ourselves and the world we live in when we begin to live with intent.  Beginning, working through and finishing things takes time, effort and work.  It feels more worthwhile with an intentional process flowing through the work.

There are intentional communities springing up all around the world.  We have had a history of intentional communities in the United States of America on these smaller scales in the past.  It is somewhat interesting to note that our country really began as an intentional community, based primarily on religious and spiritual freedom.  Other forces have become more powerful in most people’s lives.  Capitalism and the chase for more, or the sense of trying to acquire for happiness, tend to rule most of our lives.  This is unfortunate, and it is not healthy or even necessary.  

Intentional communities, based on common unity (which is the basis of the word community), sharing the load, holding each other up, being in harmony with the planet and all of its resources, real working spirituality, kindness and love is not just a nice idea, it is a definite potential reality, and a true reality for some people here now. It could be the reality for all of America again if certain premises and processes were to be infused into the common psyche of our country.  Today’s book takes a look at this process.  Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian was written to share real life experience of people who had successfully developed ecovillages and intentional communities.

When we think back to various times in American history, the ideas of communes, self-sustaining communities and other such living situations dot the times along the way.  The ideas are not new.  In fact, the ideas are as old as pre-civilization.  Tribal communities lived in common unity for millions of years.  There was always enough abundance, love and togetherness to survive.  Only in the last several thousand years have we as humans turned to a more self-centered, selfish means of existence.  The record of peace and happiness shows that we are not living the best way possible.

Ms. Leafe Christian spent a large amount of time developing her book looking at many ecovillages and intentional communities that succeeded, and many more that did not.  There are terrific lessons here for us all as citizens of this country and the world.  There are certain premises and procedures that any community large or small must follow for it to survive and thrive.  Simply put, the whole needs to be more significant to the members than the members themselves.  When we take care of ‘we’, then ‘me’ gets taken care of automatically.

The concept of taking care of each other has lost its true significance in the rat race pursuit of the capitalist monster.  The system is crushing us down.  It is a fear based, you are not good enough if this that or the other thing, rush, rush, rush, produce, produce, produce more mentality that we have fallen into the jaws of.  It is seemingly inescapable.  ‘Seemingly’ is the key here.  It is escapable, and it is not really that difficult to do.  What our book shows us in the abilities of intentional communities to be born, live and continue is invaluable to all people.  

If you are interested in this book, considering creating or joining an intentional community, would like to know more about the processes and ideas that fuel this concept, would like to just feel a bit better about the life and community you already are living in or are just wondering what it is all about, grab a copy of Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian and see what you see here.  There are lessons for all of us.  If you are interested in supporting or joining a community in growth now, we suggest supporting Sage Valley in Indiana which can be found at  It is a beautiful place and organization of good people.

Enjoy and read on!

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