Dogs Around Town

Tinkerbell and Wendy visiting friends around town.


Special to Time Out

Well this past week was a very busy therapy work week. Besides our regular visits, we added four special events along with two doggie fun events.  But it really isn’t work for Tinker Bell and Wendy, they always have fun where ever they go. 

We started with something just for Tinker Bell and Wendy, a doggie egg hunt at Rumford Express in Attleboro. Plastic eggs, with doggie snacks in them, were hidden throughout the store. Because of their exceptional noses the smell of the doggie snacks helped all the dogs find the eggs. If you found a numbered egg there was a special prize awarded to you. Of course, I did help a little after all they couldn’t carry them to the counter. 

Tinker Bell and Wendy collected three eggs each, which included one numbered egg each. When we got to the counter Tinker Bell and Wendy could not wait to see what their eggs had in them. They were very happy with their winnings of a dehydrated duck bone, a bag of new treats and their snacks from the egg hunt. 

On Friday the Senior Center welcomed the Agnes Little 5th grade leaders club to their Spring Sock Hop. The kids seem to enjoy the music of Chubby Checker and Connie Francis but they did have a surprise for their senior friends. They gathered together and serenaded the seniors with what they called a song from their generation, Baby Shark. Once completed they encouraged the seniors to join them in one more chorus, which they did with a smile on their faces. 

At Miriam Hospital we visited an AGA nurses Class. The nurses were happy to have both dogs visit the class. They got to see firsthand how a therapy dog visit can help you relax. We also shared stories with them about patient’s reaction to the dog’s visits. 

The following evening, we got to bring a smile to the faces of Miriam’s ER nurses. Since most of the hospital therapy dogs visit during the day the dogs were asked to make a special visit just for the evening nurses. Tinker Bell and Wendy, along with their friend therapy dog Rupert enjoyed meeting their new friends. 

On Saturday we were happy to be part of Get Healthy Pawtucket’s Health Fair at Slater Mill. When we first arrived, it did look like rain might force us inside the Mill, but organizer Kerri Barboza decided we would set up out side and take our chances. As I started to unload the car, the pop-up tent, table, chairs, and three bags of “stuff” I had gathered to bring along, I knew I was going to need some help getting everything and the dogs to our spot. Just then I saw our friends Marie and Joe, they knew I would need help, so they stopped by to help us set up. 

We got a great spot right by a tree. Unfortunately, the wind was strong and I didn’t have any stakes to hold the tent down. Not to worry School Committee member Erin Dube got us some stakes and the tent held. 

Tinker Bell and Wendy settled in. It didn’t take long for the readers and visitors to arrive. Some sat in chairs some sat on the pillow but all enjoyed their time together. Tinker Bell and Wendy had a surprise for their old and new friends, a bookmark with their picture on it. 

The cold and windy day did not stop people from coming by and enjoying all the fun and information the many health fair vendors provided. Even the City’s new Canine Therapy dog Watson stopped by to say hello. Tinker Bell and Wendy loved meeting Watson. The only problem we had was the weather. The wind and cold caused us to quit a little earlier than we expected.

We ended the week with a visit to Children Librarian Maria sensory story time at the Pawtucket Library. 

Have a great week and if you see us “Around Town” be sure to say Hi, like so many people did this weekend. 

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