One of the things that plagues most human beings is this little gut feeling that there is something more to it all than what seems to appearing on the surface of life. If this makes any sense to you, as you read this, perhaps there is something to this feeling. In a world that has become more and more directed, dedicated and motivated by fear, we may all feel we are not really on the intended path, so to speak. This is probably an accurate assessment.

Life used to be simpler, so we think, and perhaps it was depending on how far back ‘used to be’ is inferring. In the days of farming and small village life, the pace of life was slower. There was less drive to get more, and people were more satisfied perhaps with what they had. The competitive edge to go faster, higher and stronger was not as overt. People also had a closer connection to their faith, and families had more permanent structure. There have always been situations that arose to shake the foundation, and how people pressed through these situations then, and how they do or do not now, says a lot about them.

Today’s book is a very interesting science fiction book by multi Hugo and Nebula Award winning writer Joe Haldeman. Guardian was written in 2002 and places the theme of purpose and destiny at its core. The setting is post-civil war 1880s. The main character is Rosa Tolliver, and she is pulled and prodded along in this moving tale into realms her as the heroine, and us as readers, may never have imagined. Do we all have a purpose that is paramount to saving the Earth in this life? Perhaps we do, especially if we have the proper perspective on life. What is the earth really, anyway?

Many movements have existed throughout recorded, and we may presume prior to recorded, history that have accentuated the Universal calling in all of us. What connection do we have to the bigger picture? We wonder how many people have any clue what their highest calling might be. Perhaps this does not become clear until the time it is required. This perspective would be a humble one, and of course if we can attain any humility in life, we find that life works far better. That is a thought for another time, perhaps.

What our book shows us today is that the prompt to move and reach the ultimate purpose in life is usually painful at first, requires persistence to press through and not get caught up in additional suffering in the mind, is usually quite connected to other people and places and unfolds in the most interesting of ways. Anything we assume to think to be true may not be so, and reality is definitely not always what it appears to be on the surface. The clown wearing the mask is not the man or woman under the mask, funny as that seems. There may just be a propensity or inclination in that direction.

One very good measure of enlightenment, self-realization, knowing we are on the path or however we may term it is noting whether whatever we are doing is helping and having a positive effect on others. The more the merrier. Selfishness is not attractive, functional in the long run nor useful to the human condition. Tribal people understood this. We always came before me. That is not the case for many people these days. 

Joe Haldeman’s Guardian shares a story of a mother who has to get out of an abusive situation and finds herself on an adventure literally in to gold country on the fringes of society. In this setting, freed of the hassle and struggle of whatever rat-race she came out of, she finds that her purpose is exactly to bring peace on Earth to reality. The many twists and turns and psycho/emotional phases she goes through shows our author’s ability at understanding the human condition. There is a message in here for all of us. Yours may be different than someone else’s, though the messages are still connected. The whole will always be available. If we see this, we become a part of, and not apart from. There is a world of peace in this realization.  

Enjoy and read on!

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