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New releases from Thorn and Rose

September 11, 2014

New releases from a thorn, as in singer/songwriter Paul Thorn, and a rose, as in rising talent Caroline Rose, are in the Ear Bliss spotlight this week. Let’s take a look.

Caroline Rose
I Will Not Be Afraid
Little Hi! Records / Thirty Tigers

Sunsets bring different fish to the surface

September 11, 2014

Talk around the docks this week has been all about sunset. These new days of a waning summer seem to have made the fish a bit uninterested once the sun sets, even when they were actively feeding. This temporarily flies in the face of something we know best, that predatory fish like stripers become emboldened by darkness, moving into shallow waters they would not consider on a sunny day. For the last week or so, it also seems the local population has also been on the small side, with only the occasional keeper.

Drought is a yellow jacket’s best friend

September 11, 2014

In theory, the rains will come again and those of us with wells will sleep better and stop cursing the dark clouds that roll through the area but
inexplicably deliver only the most minuscule amounts of moisture. Maybe it’ll be an all-day deluge, a series of thunderstorms, or even a hurricane that, one hopes, arrives monsoonal but causes no wind or surge damage.

A guide to watercolor

September 11, 2014

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting, attending a class or just sitting at the kitchen table with a pen or pencil in your hand and you start doodling? Where does that come from? What is it that causes us to just randomly begin to draw? Have you ever looked at the piece as it began to develop, and noted to yourself the content and decided it really is not half bad? The artist inside all of us shows up frequently in many little ways like this if we let it.

‘New Visions’ at the Hera Gallery

September 11, 2014

WAKEFIELD-The vastly different work of six different artists is on display at the Hera Gallery this month in their newest exhibition “New Visions”.
The exhibition features new work by gallery members Iris Donnelly, Connie Greene, Elizabeth Lind, Jill McLaughlin, Mj Yeager and Mara Trachtenberg, each presenting art ranging from photography to collage pieces.

Endangered Terrapins in RI

September 11, 2014

The sand is fine grained and the sun is hot. Hundred Acre Cove in Barrington is just a few hundred yards away, but at the moment, there isn’t a shred of the cool breezes usually associated with being by the water. There are only scrub pines, weedy grasses, and dust. Lots of dust.

Explore the life of Doris Duke

September 11, 2014

NEWPORT—She has been called an heiress, a conservationist, a preservationist, a designer, an art collector, a socialite, but perhaps above all, a philanthropist. Doris Duke touched the lives of rich and poor throughout the world. The roots of her legacy and the personal life of this modern American icon can be experienced firsthand in Newport, where Duke’s magnificent estate, “Rough Point,” sparkles like a diamond above the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the tip of Bellevue Avenue.

Murder at Rocky Point

September 11, 2014

Despite the idyllic images typically conjured when one recalls Rocky Point Amusement Park, which once drew visitors by the boatload to Warwick, the park harbors a dark history.
Local author and historian Kelly Sullivan Pezza of Hope Valley unearths one of the park’s grim secrets in her new book “Murder at Rocky Point Park – Tragedy in Rhode Island’s Summer Paradise.” Sullivan tells the story of 5-year-old Maggie Sheffield, who was murdered by her father, Frank Sheffield, at the park in 1893.

The ‘tail’ of man’s best friend

September 10, 2014

WARREN- A dog is a man’s best friend, but what happens when that relationship gets in the way of a marriage? The 2nd Story Theatre will tell the story of a man’s love for his dog gone too far with their second time performance of “Sylvia” starting this weekend.

Antenna monitors movement of common terns

September 10, 2014

Taylor Swift’s cell phone tower? Some new spying gadgetry from the NSA? Wrong on both counts. Then why on earth is a 40-foot tall antenna rising from the dunes at Napatree Point Conservation Area in Westerly, RI? Fear not. This is an instrument being used by doctoral candidate Pam Loring of UMass Amherst to monitor the movement of common terns.

Let go of your grudges, move forward

September 10, 2014

People have an enormous propensity to do wrong to each other.  It is baffling sometimes to try to comprehend the grave ways and means that people devise to hurt others, physically and emotionally.  Why do people do such horrid things to each other?  What should the person receiving the wrong do with the pain that has been inflicted?  These questions form the basis of far too much of all human interaction.  Doing wrong, and reacting too wrongs done consumes many people’s entire lives.

Fall migration changes the fishing game

September 10, 2014

It was satisfying to fillet bluefish on the tailgate, in the dark, thoroughly soaked from downpours of cool thunderstorm rain. Sunday was the cusp of a new month with the feel of a new season. In a good south wind, there were fireworks from the beach to light up the fishing as schoolie bass and perfect size bluefish fed on anchovies under the clouds. Classic Kastmasters and small green swimmers were the most successful working through the schools of bait, mirroring tiny anchovies and peanut bunker.

The Naturalist comes to terms with the need for a collection

September 10, 2014

Ocean State musician takes the ear bliss spotlight

September 10, 2014

September is oft-times a crazy month for live music action and the 2014 edition starts off as no exception, at least as far as weekend one is concerned. Hence, an extra large Live Shots this week provides the skinny on some cool shows and festivals happening this weekend. What with the emphasis on live stuff, only a single new release is in the Earl Bliss spotlight this week, but it is a highly anticipated one coming from former Ocean State-based singer and songwriter, Joe Fletcher of Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons fame. Let check it out.

Joe Fletcher
You’ve Got the Wrong Man

Classic songwriters make a comback

September 8, 2014

This article was published on Aug. 21.


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