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Kent County Daily Times

BREAKING NEWS: Former West Warwick State Senator found guilty of DUI

May 4, 2015

Former West Warwick State Senator, Stephen Alves, was found guilty of driving under the influence after his car rear-ended a tractor trailer truck on Route 146 in January. Alves totaled his vehicle and failed sobriety tests, according to testimony.

Judge Elaine Bucci presided over the two-day trial and imposed a 90-day loss of license, one year probation, a $100 fine and 50 hours of community service. In addition, in order to drive, Alves must be operating a car with an ignition interlock system for one year.

Alves apologized to the court after he was found guilty.

Critical SRP pension plan brought under control

April 29, 2015

COVENTRY— An agreement has finally been reached by the Town of Coventry and Coventry Teachers Alliance School Related Personnel (SRP), Local 1075 that will resolve the underfunded SRP pension plan which was in critical status.

The agreement included working with retirees and active SRP employees who agreed to give up cost of living adjustments (COLA’s) and retirees taking a 2 percent cut each month. Coventry agreed to pay $425,000 each year, in addition to state aid that former Governor Lincoln Chafee approved, according to Hoover.

Peeping Tom on Coventry town line

April 29, 2015

COVENTRY— A peeping Tom has been reported to West Greenwich Police Department who has been seen in the Mishnock area, part of which is in Coventry. District 29 (Coventry, West Greenwich) Representative Sherry Roberts herself has caught the man on her doorstep a few months ago.

A male— with what appears to be an electronic tablet— has been approaching various homes in Mishnock and takes pictures through the windows of residences.

Coventry Police has confirmed to the Daily Times that the only description available is that the suspect is a black male.

West Warwick Housing Auth. residents seek council

April 29, 2015

WEST WARWICK — The council chambers were full to capacity for Tuesday’s meeting when more than a dozen residents from West Warwick Manor appeared before the members of the council to express their dissatisfaction over how they feel they’re being treated by the members of the West Warwick Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Council President David Gosselin Jr. said while the members of the Housing Authority were not present, he still allowed public comment.

Budget cuts discussed by Coventry council

April 28, 2015

COVENTRY- The second budget work session transpired at the Coventry Town Council meeting where an approximate $271,000 cut in the proposed $28.4 million municipal budget was entertained by department directors and council members. Councilwoman Tammy Duxbury began the discussion by wanting to determine what "we absolutely had to [fund] for mandates."

Town Manager Tom Hoover explained that he does not recommend any additional cuts to the proposed budget because it would badly hurt departments, specifically police and public works.

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