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Zore appointed chief clerk

October 1, 2010

Photo by Joseph Bell – Jean Zore, a resident of St. Marys, is the new chief clerk for Elk County.

St. Marys resident Jean Zore, a veteran county government employee, was recently appointed Elk County chief clerk.
A 1977 St. Marys Area High School graduate, Zore had an early interest in business and went on to DuBois Business College following high school.
After working in DuBois for a period of time, Zore landed a position in the county's parole/probation department in 1986.
"When I first started out there, I did it as a secretary and then I advanced more into the accounting portion of it, and I've always been interested in the business aspect of things," Zore said. "I did the bookkeeping and such but I also did work as a collections officer too."
Now serving as chief clerk, Zore said the differences between the two jobs are immense.
"You still have the business background and the accounting, and the bookkeeping as well, but as chief clerk, it's much more diversified," Zore said. "There's so many more aspects which is kind of what I was looking for, just so many interests here since it involves the entire county.
"What the job entails, even though I've only been here for roughly one week, it involves the day-to-day running of the office for the commissioners. They oversee everything but day-to-day, they can't always be here."
Zore described her fellow staff members as "excellent workers" who have made her switch into a new position a smooth transition.
"[The staff members] are tremendous people, very efficient, focused and organized, and they've helped me out tremendously," Zore said. "From what I can see, we have our hands in the different areas helping out the commissioners and getting what they need to know too.
"At first I was just exposed to the court portion of the accounting and now I get to see the county portion of it, and it's all very interesting."
Responsibilities also include research tasks and finding vital information needed for the county's three commissioners.
"So much is new to me as I find out what all the responsibilities are and the transition has gone well, and I credit that to all the people here and the commissioners have been wonderful, their guidance has been great," Zore said. "They've helped me out tremendously and [county treasurer] Peggy Schneider has been there for all my questions that I've been going to her with.
"[County planning director] Matt Quesenberry, he had been doing this job before me and he has been extremely helpful. I have nothing but great things to say about them."
And while Zore is less than two weeks into her new position, she indicated she is "quite satisfied" with her new profession.
"What there will be in the future, I do not know," Zore said. "I just guess time will tell."


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