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Wickford gears up for Art Festival

July 8, 2011


NORTH KINGSTOWN—It would be hard to blame Francie Christophersen if her focus isn’t exactly on this year’s Wickford Art Festival.
Now in its 49th year, the Festival has become one of the signature summer events in Rhode Island and, next year, for the big 50th anniversary, Christophersen and her cohorts at the Wickford Art Association are likely going to want to pull out all the stops for that special milestone.
But Christophersen isn’t taking her eyes off this year. Not quite yet. There’s just too much to do and too much to see to in order to make this weekend’s festivities live up to the reputation the festival has garnered the past 48 years.
“I’ve been thinking about that for the last few months, the big 50th, but I keep focusing on the 49th because this is such an important year,” Christophersen said Tuesday. “We have a beautiful influx of artwork from artists that came in just from this area alone and I was excited about that because we were able to fill all our spots so my concentration is on this year, making it the best ever and it will roll into next year.”
The Wickford Art Festival, which has been ranked the top arts festival in New England by Sunshine Artist magazine and is routinely called one of the best in the country, takes place this weekend throughout Wickford and is expected to attract between 50-75,000 people on both Saturday and Sunday.
So what sets the Festival apart? According to Christophersen, it’s all about the setting, the organization and the art itself.
“I’m proud to say that we got our [top-ranked] status by the artists themselves,” she explained. “They usually will write into the different art magazines to say how much they enjoy the festival, how organized it is and the prestige of it and the people coming, that is a big part of it. People in this area are very art savvy. They know good art when they see it and I think we have very fine artists in our show.”
The Wickford Art Festival is a juried show, meaning artists have to apply to enter it and, once they are accepted, have to go through the process again every three years in an effort by the Wickford Art Association to keep the work presented fresh and inspired.
“It’s a pretty high standard that you’ve got to meet to get in and because it’s such a small village, we are sort of capped to certain amount of spaces so, those that come, stay,” she said. “A few years back we decided to do a three-year jurying process for the artists so they’d be very comfortable knowing that once they’re juried in, they’re in for the next two years and it keeps their art to a high standard because they have to be juried every three years to come back. I think that process has worked for us and I think that’s what keeps the top artists coming back every year.”
This year’s Festival will feature over 200 artists from all across the country—with states like Florida, Arizona, Ohio and New York all represented—as well as from every state in New England and even several artists expected to come in from Canada.
That wide variety and wide reach helps the Festival stand out in both the art community and among tourists deciding what to see in a summer full of big events.
“I think that’s why people come to the show,” Christophersen said. “They know what to expect, they know it’s going to be the same every year and it’s no hassle.”
Like with every big event, the final week before the show, there’s always a concern about what could go wrong. In the past, the Festival has had to fight poor weather, tough economic conditions and even an Ironman triathlon that severely hampered traffic patterns and made getting to the show a near impossibility.
This year, the biggest obstacle appears to be parking as the North Kingstown Town Hall continues to undergo its makeover, eliminating the use of anywhere between 50-60 spots normally available for festival goers.
Christophersen insists she’s ready for the challenges, however.
“Yeah, well, with a show this big, you expect something to happen and you just have to be focused and try to figure it out on the spot,” she said. “Things pop up, it happens, you have to go with the flow.”
Christophersen advises anyone struggling to find parking to park at North Kingstown High School and make the short walk up a couple blocks to the show.
And, if you’re going to the show, be sure to plan your day around it. There’s a lot to see.
“I would say come early,” she said. “I would just take it slow. It’s a nice, quaint, small village so you don’t have to meander, you don’t have to rush through, you know you’re going to see the whole thing. Make a day of it.”
The Art Festival takes place from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday throughout the Village.

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