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West Warwick to cut interscholastic sports

May 31, 2012

WEST WARWICK — After trimming the budget $1.8 million in February, the West Warwick School Committee approved, 5-0, additional cuts at Tuesday night’s meeting affecting all after-school programs and sports.

Approximately 60 people, many sporting Council 94 T-shirts, gathered in the high school auditorium to listen to the additional $1.7 million in proposed cuts.

Council 94 includes all non-certified teachers such as custodians, maintenance and teacher’s assistants.

Superintendent Ken Sheehan explained that on top of the $3.5 million in overall cuts, the School Department was informed by the state that they can expect a reduction of approximately $430,000 in Title I funding for fiscal year 2013.

This will eliminate the programs and personnel under Title I funding at Horgan Elementary School and Wakefield Hills Elementary School.

School Committee Chairman Jim Williamson explained that by law the School Committee has to present a balanced budget five days after the town financial meeting.

“We had a favorable ruling in court recently but the town is appealing that,” he said. “So we’re in a catch 22. The cuts being proposed here tonight are in response to that.”

Sheehan explained to the crowd that the $1.7 million in cuts being proposed include all of the following: interscholastic sports at the high school ($386,100), athletics at Deering Middle School ($50,200), the production center ($119,000), text books ($70,000), equipment ($50,000), transportation ($100,000), three part-time custodians ($50,000), one high school custodian ($75,000), one middle school custodian ($75,000), supervisory aid at middle and high school ($55,000 each), maintenance projects ($20,000), water usage ($20,000), two bus monitors ($18,000), no overtime for clerical/technicians ($30,000), 50 percent of student advisors (savings of $25,000), Deering Middle School tutorial program ($60,000), technology ($20,000), special education tuition ($200,000) and life insurance ($200,000).

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yes, I agree-I want to be a

June 5, 2012 by lies2us, 3 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 254

yes, I agree-I want to be a full time custodian in west warwick schools, also. This is the problem.....OVERSPENDING (and then crying about it). You get it but it looks like another person on here doesn't get it. He or she obviously works for the school department and thinks its ok to pay out ridiculous salaries in a town where we can't afford it. This isn't Providence-we are a small school system! Trim the fat from the top and then we'll get somewhere. p.s. WE are ALL informed taxpayers, by the way!!! You have to be because in this town they balance the budget off students backs!!! Shame!!! What will be left for my kids when they get to high school? Also, I would like to add that I have donated far more than my share to the schools. I have also volunteered my time. Nothing is free and I learned the hard way. GREAT TEACHERS-TERRIBLE SCHOOL DEPARTMENT!!!!

Cutting one middle school

June 2, 2012 by kctaxpayer, 3 years 25 weeks ago
Comment: 251

Cutting one middle school custodian is a savings of $75,000?? If that number is accurate then I am in the wrong profession!

West Warwick Schools

June 1, 2012 by SR71, 3 years 25 weeks ago
Comment: 250

First off, the letter above should be from "Uninformed Taypayer" because they are clearly clueless.
The Superintendent of Schools does not "give himself a raise", it's only done by approval from the School Committee. The School Committee recognized that he was on the lower end of earnings for his position and instead of losing him to another school system did the right thing. It amazes me how people believe that we're going to get good people with advanced degrees to take these positions and get railed on by taxpayers for less money than the private sector. And, when people finish beating up on teachers, watch how many decent ones are left in town to teach our children. How long do you think people will take the abuse before they move on to somewhere else?
As for the two assistants that are mentioned every time talk of cuts come about, I've seen what both of them do each day and let me tell you that I wouldn't do their job for what they get paid.
The current position that the school system is in is a direct repercussion of three members of the Town Council- Angelo Padula, Phillis Gustafson and Mark Bourget. Their blind hatred toward unions of any kind is driving this town bankrupt. Personally, I wouldn't put any one of them on the Town Council of my child's tree house.
Alice Losasso is another one I'll include on this list. Every meeting of any kind she stands up and states how she "can't afford any more taxes, cut the budget". If the current budget is accepted by taxpayers, it will be the third year without a real tax increase. What's more palatable?- small tax increases each year or the 15% that the state receiver will levy all at once when we're bankrupt? It is fiscally irresponsible and borderline criminal to not raise taxes before we go under. Well Alice, you've got your wish, they're cutting the school budget. No late buses, no sports, custodians cut back, advisers gone. Now what? You'll complain about the cuts.
West Warwick needs real dialogue between the Town Council, the School Committee and the Unions. Contracts need to be adjusted and this town needs to reinvent itself to move forward. The hyperbole in the letter above just exacerbates our problems.

Why do we keep comparing what

June 5, 2012 by sdp78, 3 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 253

Why do we keep comparing what a government employee makes to the private sector? Remember that the private sector doesn't have the kind of pension programs that were put in place back when government workers didn't make the same kind of money as private sector employees.

school budget cuts

June 1, 2012 by taxpayer, 3 years 25 weeks ago
Comment: 248

Please someone tell me how the superintendent of West Warwick schools, Mr. Sheehan, can justify giving himself a RAISE during all of this???!!! So many students and staff will be suffering but NOT Mr. Sheehan. Never met such a phony. While he sits up in the meetings crying about "Losing sleep on these cuts hurting the children" He's not losing sleep. When he was hired, (at a very large salary) they were overspending. And the overspending continued through the years and now all of a sudden everyone is in shock. Please, Give me a break! How about getting rid of one of his clerks? And one of Mr. Vigeant's clerks? How about getting rid of one clerk per school?-that would save some $$$ right there! How many people do you need to run an office??!! This is not rocket science! We are a very small school system. This isn't Providence! HOW ABOUT ADMINISTRATION STOPS GIVING THEMSELVES A RAISE EVERYTIME THERE ARE CUTS BEING MADE TO THE SCHOOLS???!!! HOW ABOUT DOING THE RIGHT THING AND STOP HURTING THE KIDS???!!!


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