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West Warwick community gathers for open forum

March 24, 2012

Students, teachers and parents attended the open forum on March 21 to voice their opinions about program cuts and teacher layoffs. Jessica Boisclair. Kent County Daily Times.

WEST WARWICK -- Approximately 200 parents, students and teachers gathered in the West Warwick high school auditorium Wednesday night to gain more knowledge and voice their opinions about the financial situation of the town.

The open forum, which was hosted by the Public Relations Committee, included an array of administration from the schools and town who sat atop the stage to present information to the audience and await their questions.

The panel consisted of Superintendent Ken Sheehan, Director of Administration and Finance, Michael Petrarca, School Committee Chairman Jim Williamson, Town Council member Mark Bourget, West Warwick Teacher’s Alliance President Sean Doyle and Director of Special Education and Pupil and Personnel Services, Paul Vigeant.

“Good evening. Tonight’s forum comes at an opportune time because there are several problems surrounding the West Warwick school district that could have major impacts on education in our town going forward,” explained Williamson.

These impacts include: litigation, a settlement proposal with the town, state aid, the town’s appropriation, changes in legislation and contracts.

Petrarca also explained to the audience the details of maintenance of effort and what caused the School Committee and the Town Council to entire litigation.

He showed in a power point presentation the difficulties of the budget when the state and town cut money from the school department.

Back in 2008, the school department received $20.4 million in state aid. In 2011 however, they only received $18.4 million and in 2012 they received $19.1 million.

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West Warwick's Meeting

April 1, 2012 by deltak, 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 212

In West Warwick's meeting they proposed to have the children walk a mile to a bus stop...they expect a 40lb, three foot tall Kindergartner to make it to a bus stop a mile away and not get hurt, snatched, hit by a car...actually make it there...these schools are ridiculous...they dont care about the safety of our children!!!! However, the Superintendant of West Warwick has two secretaries that make 90K between each other!!! They can hire me for the same pay I make and they will save themselves 60K and Ill save some gas money...then that 60K can go towards the safety of these children! Let me add there are also 14 known sex offenders in West Warwick alone. (that we know of. Safety doesnt seem to be a concern and they seem to be just fine with stating our children are only worth so much...250K


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