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Training day

December 13, 2012

CRANSTON – Firefighters fought their way through smoke, flame, overturned furniture and exposed wires as they made their way through a burning building in Cranston Wednesday morning.

Men from Central Coventry Fire District trained along side those from Cranston in drills meant to simulate real life at the old vacant Cranston Police Station on Atwood Avenue with Cranston Fire Chief Jim Beckman.

The various drills included real life scenarios such as search and recovery of victims, stretching fire hose and utilizing equipment and working out teamwork and communications.

“It’s a smoke-filled environment with zero visibility,” said Central Coventry Commander Scott Murray. “We have fake smoke and flame. We have everything except real water flow because everything is still on-line.”

Murray and Central Coventry Fire Chief Andrew Baynes explained how training works.

Every time we get a commercial-type building vacant, we can use that to train,” said Murray. “We have an outline of what we’ll be doing and there’s only two others who know what the drills will involve, those who are not participating in it. This is as close to real thing as you’re going to get.”


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