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Touch the sky: Bird banding with Rhode Island NHS

April 23, 2014

A white throated sparrow caught in a mist net waits to be banded.

For even the most casual birder, spring is an exciting time. The warm temperatures mean the return of birds not seen during the long dreary months of winter. Even feathers of the goldfinch, who lingers all winter, bear a dreary greenish color during the cold months. But that all changes come April. Suddenly, there are songs and brilliant feathers everywhere. Feeders fill with the newly returned, and many people dash for binoculars and dust off bird guides in order to identify the latest visitor. But they fly off so quickly. We sometimes hardly have time to make a broad identification before they vanish into the skies again. Details like age or (sometimes) sex or weight are virtually impossible to determine. If only we could hold them there for a few moments.

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