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SRP picketers greet council

November 28, 2012

COVENTRY – “If you want to stop the tension, give SRP their pension!” they cried.

More than 100 supporters of the Coventry Teachers’ Association and School Related Personnel (CTASRP) picketed for equal pension outside Coventry Town Hall prior to the start of Monday’s Town Council meeting.

“We’re waiting to be treated fairly and equally,” stated Denise Gibbons, SRP president. “We’re here because we’ve made a very concerted effort to address the fact that there are three pensions in this town – not just two – for police and municipal."

The Coventry Teachers’ Association includes teacher’s aids, teaching assistance, custodians and secretaries.

Gibbons said all they’re asking for is their portion of the 10 percent surplus the town receives in taxes

“As a community, I think we should pull our resources to figure out this underfunded pension,” said Councilman Ted Jendzejec, who doesn’t want to see things turn into school against the Town Council or person against person. “It’s going to fall on the taxpayers. We also have two new members on the Town Council who we should allow to review the past meeting minutes."

The crowd erupted into heavy applause following Jendzejec’s comments.
The three pensions in town are the police, municipal employees and the SRP personnel. All three are supported by taxpayer money. There SRP pension plan includes 320 people.

“I’ve sat and listened to everyone’s comments and as far as I can see it, the taxpayers have already paid their fair share of this pension and it’s up to the Board of Trustees to act in the best interest of its members,” said Town Council President Gary Cote.


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