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RIDOT applies new treatment before snowfall this weekend

February 10, 2012

A RIDOT worker fills up a truck with the new solution to apply on Interstate 95. Lauren Knight. Kent County Daily Times.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) was out today preparing the roads for the snowfall they expect tomorrow. A new salt brine solution was used that is expected to save money and keep the roads clearer longer, according to a news release from RIDOT.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done it,” said Charles St. Martin, spokesperson at RIDOT.

The solution is created in a brine maker that combines fresh water with salt until it reaches a 23 percent level of salinity. For purpose of comparison, Joe Baker of RIDOT explained that seawater typically has a 5 percent level of salinity.

The solution is then sprayed onto the roadway prior to a snowstorm. According to St. Martin, they can apply the treatment up to three days ahead.

“When we put salt down, if we just spread it in as a solid salt, it bounces all over the place just like it does on your plate. By wetting it, it gets stickier and stays down and then it starts dissolving right away,” explained Baker.

When the salt liquefies in a solution, “that’s when the salt actually starts to de-ice or anti-ice what is on the roadway,” he added.

According to St. Martin, upon application, the road will appear wet for some time before evaporating. Then, a thin layer of salt will remain to prevent snow or ice from bonding with the pavement.

The full story will be tomorrow's Times.


How can i enhance my sidewalk

May 15, 2012 by ElizabethKrug, 3 years 28 weeks ago
Comment: 232

How can i enhance my sidewalk salt to melt snow quicker?

I read somewhere where you could enhance regular old salt for melting snow to be more like the more expensive stuff,i know it took baking soda. I need the measurements and ingredients required.

Atty. Elizabeth T. Krug, Tampa car accident attorney

Great Move..

February 11, 2012 by ThomasHarris, 3 years 42 weeks ago
Comment: 198

This is really a great move by RIDOT. As winter comes and snow begins to fall it creates a lot of trouble for me while going on the road with my car. Many times I have to face a traffic jam due to a heavy snow fall. This move before winter season will surely help to prevent a many traffic jams and help to run smooth traffic.
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