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Renters party at a cost

November 14, 2011

Photo by Shaun Kirby

Narragansett Chief of Police Dean Hoxsie speaks to the town council Monday evening about the proposed ordinance to charge tenants or rental property owners for repeat disturbances in order to recoup police response costs.

NARRAGANSETT—The town council passed a motion on Monday evening aimed at cutting down further the amount and nature of disturbances in Narragansett related to property rentals. The new ordinance seeks to recoup costs for responding police officers to rental properties which have repeatedly violated the town’s public nuisances laws.

Every year, Narragansett is faced with neighborhood disturbances associated with student or summer rental properties, from loud parties to illegal parking and destruction of property. The costs to mitigate such issues are not insignificant, and the town has identified a desire on the part of residents and its own to try and recoup the response costs for such incidents.

“This [ordinance] is one of many tools discussed months ago, trying to tackle all the issues of concerns about neighborhoods and disturbances during the school year,” said Town Manager Grady Miller. “We have looked at how other communities have dealt with similar disturbance issues, and it is a way of recovering costs of police response for noise.”

Under the new ordinance, police officers responding to a property disturbance will give responsible parties a verbal or written warning of their liability for paying potential response costs. A notice of warning will also be sent by the town via certified and first-class mail to the address of the property owner, specified on their rental registration form.

If officers respond to a subsequent disturbance at said property within a 12 month period, response costs will be charged to them. The dollar figure for any penalty may vary greatly depending on a number of issues.

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