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Question your beliefs with ‘What do I know of Calvary Love?’

July 28, 2014

I recently witnessed a very interesting conversation between two people that had nearly polar opposite views on a subject that is generally considered off limits at the dinner table, and is avoided more often than not in general conversation. The conversation was about whether or not there is a God, a Universal Spirit of some sort or not. The conversation was not heated, but it was clear that both parties had their own personal point of view based on their own life experiences.
Discussions delving into religion, like politics, can very often become bogged down by either one or both of the conversationalists digging in their heels and closing their mind to the other party. I have always found that when topics revolving around a person’s belief system arise, fireworks are more than not likely to explode. It was refreshing that the conversation I witnessed did not devolve, and that I believe was due to the fact that there was a mutual understanding of and openness to the goodness of the other. The end result of the conversation lead to a decision that a further meeting may be a good idea and all parties parted ways in a friendly manner. It was nice to see that people can occasionally discourse on tough subjects and agree to disagree, but still be open to further discourse.

For more of this story pick up a copy of your local Southern Rhode Island Newspapers publication.


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