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Pedaling the USA for the planet

July 25, 2013

Rob Greenfield and his bamboo bike take a breather at Waterplace Park Tuesday before continuing on his cross-country trek. Jessica Boisclair. Kent County Daily Times.

PROVIDENCE— At just 26-years-old, Wisconsin native Rob Greenfield has traveled to a multitude of countries and states to raise awareness for environmental issues.

His most recent adventure included nothing but him, a bicycle and 4,500 miles of American roadways.

Rob was born and raised in Wisconsin, but moved to San Diego in 2011 to broaden his horizons and escape the small town lifestyle.

“I always felt very limited there,” he said. “Everybody knew who you were so I started traveling when I was 16 and most of my adventures involved a lot of nature.”

His began his tour of the world by “trekking” out to Africa to look for elephants.

“That really sparked my love for the world because it’s just so incredible,” he added. “I’ve learned that when people are out truly enjoying nature, it creates a desire to protect it.”

During his stay in Africa, he and other volunteers built rain water collection systems for the people in the small villages.

Then in 2008, Rob traveled to his childhood dream place — Fiji.

“It was very tropical; it’s a pretty poor country, but it’s absolutely beautiful,” he explained. “I rode on a small four passenger airplane and we rode over the ocean and I could see the coral reefs below.”

He spent his days in Fiji fishing with the natives in one-person kayaks with nothing but their clothes and spears on board.

His love for nature and the countries of the world led him to his most recent adventure, biking across the United States.

“This is more of a mission,” he explained. “The mission of my travels is to entertain, inspire and give back. I like to do things that people would find entertaining but at the same time they can learn from.”

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