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NHS students join together to raise awareness of skin cancer

June 16, 2011

Photo By Kathleen McKiernan

Narragansett High School freshman Rachel D’Ambrosio is trying to make a difference by teaching her fellow students the dangers of over exposure to the sun.

NARRAGANSETT – Rachel D’Ambrosio grew up on the water, water skiing, knee boarding and swimming. During those summer days, D’Ambrosio applied a 30 SPF sunscreen because she was fair skinned. She was always told that the sun could cause skin cancer because of harmful ultraviolet rays, but she never really understood what that meant until she turned 11.

In March 2008, at age 11, D’Ambrosio was diagnosed with melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. Now, two years later as a Narragansett High School freshman, D’Ambrosio is trying to help others by teaching her fellow students that tanning is out and skin is in.

After attending a skin cancer awareness forum at Cranston High School East, where D’Ambrosio’s father is an assistant principal, 18 Narragansett students set out to teach students about the dangers of sun exposure and how they can protect themselves. As a part of the students’ plan, they set up a skin cancer awareness exhibit where senior and junior prom tickets are sold to prompt kids who are more than likely planning to go a tanning bed to get that bronze skin for prom season. At the booth, the students had a facial scanner where students discover just how much skin damage they may have received already.

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