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MEET THE CANDIDATES: Representative in Congress

October 31, 2012

Name: Jim Langevin
Address: 181-A Knight Street, Warwick, RI 02886
Date of Birth: April 22, 1964
Daytime Phone Number: (401) 737-7177
E-Mail Address:
Office Sought: U.S. Representative
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Occupation: Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Rhode Island College; Master of Public Administration, Harvard University.
Political Background: Rhode Island State Representative; Rhode Island Secretary of State; U.S. Representative.
Why have you decided to run for office for first time (or again)? Personal experience has showed me that, with a fair shot, we can all make great contributions toward providing our next generation a better America than the one we inherited. I believe everyone deserves a chance to reach their potential, but we can only ensure this opportunity if we recognize that when the middle class succeeds, everyone succeeds.
That means getting rid of tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas and giving breaks to small businesses that create jobs here. We need to increase access to education and job training for students and workers, and keep our promise of a secure retirement for our seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare. We can’t afford to return to an approach that gives tax cuts to the very wealthy and asks everyone else to wait for the benefits to trickle down.
What are your platforms/plans for the area if elected? I've been proud to lead the effort to double Electric Boat's production of world class submarines, creating middle class jobs at Quonset, and we need to continue to protect that program.
Another key to boosting the economy is closing the skills gap. I regularly hear from businesses, such as Hayward Industries in North Kingstown, where they’re struggling to find workers with the right qualifications for available jobs. We must encourage better collaboration among our educators and job trainers and the companies that are hiring. I'm working to start job training initiatives at CCRI that match growing careers in our state and I’ve partnered with a Republican colleague to restore funding for and improve career and technical education programs.
My guiding principle is that we must do everything we can to have a vibrant middle class and I've shown that I'll work with anyone to get things done.

Name: Michael Riley
Address: 3292 Post Rd Warwick, RI
Date of Birth: April 11, 1956
Daytime Phone Number: (401) 500-2270
E-Mail Address: HYPERLINK ""
Office Sought: U.S. Congress
Party Affiliation: Republican
Occupation: Financial Investment Adviser
Education: University of Connecticut
Political Background: Appointed to the Town of Narragansett pension board, served as chairman of the charter review commission for the Town of Narragansett Community
Activities (Five or fewer): Walking my dogs, going to the beach with my wife and three children, fantasy sports and playing in my local pitch league.
Why have you decided to run for office for first time (or again)? It was never my dream or plan to run for Congress. However, like many ordinary citizens around the nation, I found that I can’t just sit around and do nothing while our nation and our state stagnate and decline. I felt compelled to get involved and do what I could to help turn things around.
I know what it takes to create jobs because I have created companies and provided jobs. I have spent my career in the financial industry, and I have seen how policy errors made by our government—especially by our unelected and unaccountable Federal Reserve—damage our economy and destroy jobs.
What are your platforms/plans for the area if elected? The Riley Plan:
n Monetary reform—We must rein in our unelected, unaccountable, failing, flailing Federal Reserve. We need a strong, stable dollar, normal interest rates for savers, and an end to the Federal Reseve’s bizarre practice of paying banks to sit on money.
n Tax reform—We need tax rates that encourage work, savings, and investment.
n Entitlement Fix—We need to explore revenue ideas that are NOT TAXES designed to shore up our safety net and at the same time create real jobs.
n Regulatory reform—We must rein in those agencies and other regulatory bodies that are exceeding their lawful mandates, and impeding economic growth and job creation.

Name: Abel G. Collins
Address: 176 Sycamore Lane, Wakefield, RI 02879
Date of Birth: June 29, 1978
Phone Number: (401) 207-4484
E-Mail Address:
Office Sought: U.S. Congress, House District 2
Party Affiliation: Independent
Occupation: Program Director, Sierra Club – Rhode Island Chapter
Education: Brown University, Class of 2000 in Political Science
Political Background: Worked extensively with local legislators to craft environmental policy, in particular, legislation to create a stable revenue stream for Rhode Island’s public transit system.
Community Activities (Five or fewer): Member Westerly Quaker Meeting, Board member and founder of RIPTA Riders Alliance, Board member Willow Dell Historical Association, Member of Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County, Fieldsong Farm Community Gardening
Why have you decided to run for office for first time (or again)? I am running for Congress because the future of our economy, our democracy, and our planet are all imperiled. Rather than addressing these problems, Republicans and Democrats have been playing partisan political games that serve only to keep them in power. I am running as an Independent so that I am beholden to no party and can work strictly for my constituents to create a durable economy and a healthy environment for generations to come.
What are your platforms/plans for the area if elected? I have a four point platform:
1. Wall Street Accountability: Return the finance industry to the economic utility it should be rather than the casino it has become. Specifically, I will work to reinstate Glass-Steagall, rein in the Federal Reserve, regulate the derivatives market, and support smaller local banking.
2. Fair Trade, not Free Trade: Bring manufacturing jobs back to Rhode Island and America by demanding that factories in other countries are playing by the same rules as ours are.
3. A Green Works Program: Put people back to work by investing in our transportation, energy, and information infrastructures, as well as changing our agricultural policies so that we are supporting small scale farming, which has become such an important part of the RI economy.
4. Money Out of Politics: To take the corruption out of Washington, we need to get the money out of politics; starting with a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and ending with a publicly funded election system.
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