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Local musician works to produce album

April 17, 2012

Sean Brown. Submitted Photo.

COVENTRY — A local musician is branching out this weekend in hopes of making a name for himself in the industry.

Sean Edward Brown, who grew up in Coventry and graduated from the high school in 2004, will be playing at The Olde Theater Diner in Coventry this Friday night to help fund the production of his first full-length album. His ultimate goal, he said, would be to work in a publishing company, hired to write music everyday for other artists.

Brown is in a one-man band, playing the guitar, harmonica and singing vocals. He learned the guitar at 12-years-old, playing cover songs for bands such as Nirvana and beginning to write his own music. He played in a band called Outgrown in high school and in college, joined another band called Go Gondola.

At the time, the band members were afforded the opportunity to meet with a label out of New Jersey and when nothing came of their efforts, the band broke up, he explained. That was when he decided to go solo.

“Since then, I’ve been writing songs on my own and playing solo gigs,” he said.

All of Brown’s former musical ventures were pop-punk music but when he began work on his own, his influences changed to folk and country music. Now, he attributes much of his inspiration to Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

“I really fell in love with that genre of music and just started writing songs like that,” he explained. “That type of playing and writing came a lot more naturally to me.”

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