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JWU students work to market Paine House

February 26, 2014

COVENTRY— For many years students at Johnson & Wales University have been helping the Western Rhode Island Civic and Historical Society (WRICHS) research ways to market historical locations in Coventry, specifically the Paine House.

While each trimester new students join the team, the goal of these students remains the same—finding ways to market the home and bring in more visitors.

Samuel Sacco, professor of strategic planning at JWU, explained that four out of the seven students currently working on the project started in September, with new students joining at the beginning of the Trimester in January.

These students—Aja Lorin David, Sienna DePietro, Madison Gerhard, Taylor Hirsch, Kellie-Ann Mulick, Janice Sanchez and Abigal Walsh—were chosen because of their academic excellence.

“Many of the students can only do so many internships so we have half the team repeat every trimester and half drops off,” he explained.

“It’s a good mix because the veterans can explain what they did prior and they prep the new students about the client, the Paine House and the other students bring in new ideas.”

Sacco said the students are working on “enhancing the visibility of the Paine House by using social media.”

By teaching them how to correctly market the historic property on Facebook, they can get the word out to people throughout the state and country.

“We have already implemented this initially but there is a lot of stuff to do, but even in the early stages the likes and the number of people viewing their Facebook has increased significantly,” he added.

The second focus of the students is to create crowd funding through a website titled Kickstarter, Inc.

Sacco said the students will create a video about the Paine House and put it on the website for people who might have an interest in preservation to donate towards.

“They make contributions in small amounts; you appeal to people over the web over the world,” he said. “You set up a target goal and if you reach that goal you get to keep all the money.”

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