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Illegal parking: a summertime headache in Galilee

July 12, 2013

During the heat of the summer, illegal parking has become an issue in Galilee. (Photo By Audrey O’Neil)

NARRAGANSETT- The Galilee Advisory Committee tackled the issue of illegal parking in Galilee during Tuesday’s meeting.
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management liaison, Larry Mouradjian, stated that despite the recent discussion with Interim Town Manager Rich Kerbel at the previous meeting, parking is still an issue at Galilee.

“At the last meeting we made a request for employee parking and public parking areas, but it is a state road,” said Mouradjian. “And at the same point there are a number of people that we have had to deal with when it’s 90 degree days and the lack of parking; all of the parking is sold out by 8:30 in the morning, and then people are dumping cars everywhere.”
Mouradjian also mentioned that DEM Port Manager Dan Costa has noticed that residents are creating their own parking passes, which claim they are employees of Galilee.
“Dan discovered ultimately that there are a number of cars that have little notes inside claiming to be employees of particular establishments,” said Mouradjian. “And the parking enforcements are saying that they have used discretion so I just wanted to say something is going on, I have asked the question and I have been told it’s not happening, but something is definitely going on.”
Costa said that he is concerned about the notes written by the employees and question if they are valid.
Other members of the committee questioned what steps they need to take to improve the parking and if the police department is aware of this issue in Galilee.
“If someone is putting phony paperwork on the cars, you need to at least tell the police, something needs to be done,” said committee member, Harvey Cataldo.
Chair of the committee, Kevin Kosko, also agreed that parking is a major issue in Galilee and that the enforcement in Galilee needs to be made aware of this issue.
Town Councilor Matthew Mannix stated that if residents see illegal parking, they should contact the police department.
“The issue is that people are writing the notes, but people can call,” said Mannix. “I tell people that throughout the town, if you see a car illegally parked anywhere you should call the police department.”
Patrol Officer of the Narragansett Community Police Department Mark Allsup stated that Community Service Officers are assigned to the area of Galilee. He also said that although they have dealt with incidents of employees exceeding the two hour parking limit in the past, these employees have been issued citations.
“Every day we have the community service officers there from 9 to 5 and I can tell you that citations are being made,” said Allsup.
Employees of DEM have permits for parking in Galilee and according to Allsup, residents who park illegally in those areas are also issued citations.
“The officers are definitely on top of the problem and are checking the areas regularly,” said Allsup. “I can assure you that they are making citations and dealing with the parking issues.”

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