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Hopktinon considers shutting off some lights

May 14, 2011

HOPKINTON -- Some of the town roads could get a bit darker this coming July should the Town Council approve the removal of 192 streetlights, all of which were studied by the police department.

Town Manager William McGarry presented the street light-removal proposal at the May 2 meeting. He explained that the initiative goes back to October 2010 when there was a discussion on how much the town pays National Grid for the streetlights in town.

The town pays an average of about $80,000 per year for its 696 streetlights, or about $100 per year per light, according to McGarry.

While he was determining those figures, he also worked with Chief of Police John Scuncio to have the third-shift officers conduct a survey of the streetlights on Hopkinton's town roads and state highways.

McGarry said they determined which lights were working or not and whether they were necessary or not to ensure public safety. And based on their findings, he then took all the high-intensity lights off the list because those are the most critical as they sit above intersections.

He then looked at all the ones deemed unnecessary and selected each third light for removal with the resulting amount being 192 lights out of the 696 total in town.

More information is available in this week's The Chariho Times.

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Lights out?

May 17, 2011 by Tina Shea, 4 years 28 weeks ago
Comment: 131

Having driven in a blizzard at night a few times over the past couple of years ( due to the former Governor not calling a State of Emergency, therefore I have to work)has given me the insight to know that lighting is necessary in poor weather conditions. I have seen cars off the road on route 95 during white out conditions because the traffic lights were off (south of exit 10). I hope fog, and white out conditions are considered when lights are turned off. You may save some money from limiting kilowatts but you won't save a dime if I end up driving off the road in bad weather conditions and live to sue you and your town. Safety first.


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