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Hi-Tech, No-Tech, happy with both (Opinion)

November 11, 2011

This has been a hard month, losing Andy Rooney, Steve Jobs, and Charlie Preble all within weeks of each other.

Well, my world will never be the same.

Let me say a few words about Steve Jobs. I have been using Apple computers since the first Macintosh models came out. First, they allowed me to be self-employed and steer my own course, more or less.

Rascal that I am, it had to happen or I would have ended up living under a bridge abutment. Second, they take over your life. Every time I have to buy something manufactured by Apple, I feel I am opening up a gift from a god. Even the packaging is exquisite, right down to the twist-ties that hold the cords in place. The packaging is as impressive as that which is packaged.

It took a hard man to press for that level of quality from idea to market. Steve Jobs was that man.

I admit to being foolish enough to buy a tin-box Apple clone, just after they fired him. It worked well, but it didn’t last. It was cheap in price and quality. Apple almost went bankrupt. Three failed CEOs later, they hired him back for a dollar a year and Apple began a climb that continues to this day.

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