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Greene home hosting paranormal crews

June 27, 2012

The Nathanael Greene Homestead in Coventry dates back to the Revolutionary War, but has never hosted paranormal investigators. Times File Photo.

COVENTRY — For the first time ever, RISEUP Paranormal will be conducting investigations at the Nathanael Greene Homestead to teach people about the history of the home and to see if the claims of paranormal activity are true.

Director of RISEUP Ken DeCosta explained that the historic Taft Street home has never granted permission to do any type of paranormal investigations in prior years.

“So we’re very honored and humbled that we were asked to do this for the very first time,” he said. “I was ecstatic; this is a very sought after location from ghost hunting groups everywhere.”

A series of investigations will begin on June 30 and take place at least once a month through September.

“Unfortunately, all of them sold out in the first weekend they were offered,” he said. “We’re only taking six people at a time into the home per investigation and that’s to enhance the experience every one has.”

DeCosta said taking a small group into the home allows for RISEUP to show the people what it is they do.

He said these investigations are not ghost tours, but people who want the opportunity to go into the home and maybe have an experience.

He explained that the group will be taken into the homestead at 6 p.m. and the investigation will last until midnight.

At the beginning of the investigation, the group of six will be given a tour of the property.

They will be shown the family cemetery on the premises along with the Iron works foundry the family used to have.

He said during this time the people receive a history lesson on the background of General Greene and his family.

“We have an interest in historical research and preservation; we’re very keen on that,” he said. “It’s the backbone of what we do. One of the ways that we try to help people raise awareness of our culture and our historical culture is to offer events like this and at the same time, they’ll go in and see if there is something to the claims there.”

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