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George's to be featured in Log On & Eat episode

October 28, 2013

Eden Grinshpan

NARRAGANSETT- Cooking Channel’s Host Eden Grinshpan visited Narragansett on her latest episode of “Log On & Eat” to test out the famous seafood of George’s of Galilee.
“Log On & Eat With Eden Grinshpan” is anything but an ordinary cooking show. In each 30-minute episode, Grinshpan visits three different cities and meets up with the funniest food bloggers, YouTubers or tweeters who show her their favorite dining spots.
On the episode “Healthy Duck Fat Fries,” Grinshpan starts out the show in Lose Angeles visiting internet blogging sensations The Foodie Girls at the popular Eggslut Food Truck for gourmet eggs. She then travels to the Fat Radish, in New York City to feast on duck fat fries and donuts with Hollywood celebrity and food blogger Mariel Hemingway.
Lastly, Grinshpan travels to Narragansett with internet star Davey Wavey to his favorite spot, the waterfront seafood restaurant George’s of Galilee. In Narragansett, she was able to have a deep fried New England feast of clam chowder and clam cakes at George’s.
“I had so much fun in Narragansett, it was truly a blast,” said Grinshpan. “Davey Wavey grew up near Narragansett and has been going there for years so it was so cool and he even brought me into the kitchen.”
Davey Wavey is a YouTube personality with more than 100 million video views in more than 160 countries around the world. He is famous for his authentic and often irreverent approach. On his YouTube channel Davey has a variety of videos focused on his love of food and exercise, but also helps spread the message of gay acceptance.
“We instantly hit it off and I felt like we had been friends for a long time, we just laughed the whole time,” said Grinshpan. “And I am glad he brought us there because it was good. We had clam chowder”
Grinshpan is the co-owner of EthNicitY Productions and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in London with the “Grande Diplome” in both Pastry and Cuisine. After graduating, she volunteered in India with different organizations.
One of the organizations was the Ramanas Garden orphanage. At the orphanage she helped raise money for the orphanage by re-opening a cafe. Grinshpan then returned to New York City where she enrolled in a management program at the Institute of Culinary Education and also worked at the bakery, Babycakes.
Since she gets to meet a variety of personalities for the show, Grinshpan said that it is always something new, interesting, and exciting not only for her but also for the viewers.
So far the craziest experience for Grinshpan on the show was when she was able to meet up with Brian Manowitz, also known as the Vegan Black Metal Chef. Manowitz has an online cooking show where teaches vegan cooking by singing the recipes to a black medal soundtrack.
“He looks like a member from the band KISS. When I first saw him I was so blown away, and he has millions of hits,” said Grinshpan. “We went to a vegan restaurant and so many people recognized him. And he literally screams the recipes, it’s great.”
For the future Grinshpan hopes to keep traveling and continue to share her experiences with the viewers.
“This is the first season so there is much more to come. I would love to keep traveling and exploring and try all of these fun foods that people talk about,” said Grinshpan. “Visiting all of these people becomes an adventure and experience. We are having fun and I love it because every episode has a new energy to it.”

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