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General Election Results for Coventry

November 6, 2012

Residents practiced their right to vote today at Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School, one of the polling places in District 2. Jessica Boisclair. Kent County Daily Times.

The results are in for the General Election of 2012!

Senate Seat for District 21
* Nicholas Kettle beat opponent Scott Pollard 6619 to 6456

Senate Seat for District 33
* Leonidas Raptakis beat incumbent Glenford Shibley 7033 to 4333

Representative for District 28
*Incumbent Scott Guthrie beat opponent Carl Mattson Jr. 3776 to 2516

Representative for District 29
*Incumbent Lisa Tomasso beat opponent Keith Anderson 3788 to 2632

Representative for District 40
*Incumbent Michael Chippendale beat opponent Lauri Archambault 3887 to 3766

Town Council District 1
*Karen Carlson beat opponent Thomas Hetherman 1804 to 933

Town Council District 2
*Gregory Laboissonniere beat opponent R. David Jervis 1363 to 1158

Town Council District 4
*Incumbent Gary Cote beat opponent Richard Polselli 1384 to 1141

Town Council District 5
*Incumbent Thaddeus Jendzejec beat opponent John Mullaney III 1820 to 1040

School Committee District 1
*Ann Dickson beat opponent David Tate 1820 to 840.


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