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EDC discusses new plan objectives

June 21, 2011

NARRAGANSETT—The Economic Development Committee (EDC) met Wednesday evening to discuss the future implementation of the recent development plan which has been presented to the town council in its finished form. The next step now is for the committee to appeal to the town council to dedicate time and funds towards carrying out the objectives outlined in the plan.

“The purpose of this meeting is to look at the five objectives,” said Edward Mazzi, the president of the EDC. “We have finished with the plan in terms of input from all of the stakeholder groups. There needs to be ownership by us and the town on these ideas, and we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.”

The development plan, created through a series of workshops headed by organizational think-tank New Commons, Inc., details five goals, the implementation of which are prioritized in first year, two to three year, and four year plus increments.

The first objective is to develop master plans for the three major economic centers in Narragansett; the north end, the Pier, and Galilee. Projects range from developing a successful busing network so that tourists and residents can have a better visiting experience to the town to creating a concerted landscaping and building usage plan for a potential town center in the Pier.

Objective two concerns the creation of a significant effort on the part of the town and residents to solve the ongoing problems involving student and summer rentals. Members of the committee stressed the importance of easing tensions between landlords, residents, and student renters before any other aspects of the plan are implemented.

“We want to show the town council that student rentals are a problem to the town’s branding capability,” said Mazzi. “[Solving this issue] is a priority.”

Members also emphasized the need for a coordinated marketing strategy which advertises the many historical and natural sites in Narragansett which few outside of local residents know about.

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