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Do you have information on the Michael Woodmansee case?

March 8, 2011

South Kingstown reporter Kathleen McKiernan would like to hear from Narragansett Times readers and community members who may have information on the Michael Woodmansee murder case and are willing to be interviewed. Please contact her by email at or call 789-9744 ex. 138.

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This maggot should never get out!

March 9, 2011 by michcat50, 4 years 37 weeks ago
Comment: 109

I just watched Jane Velez Mitchell's show and was beyond outraged that this maggot is to be released 12 yrs early for "good behavior"?? This animal should have gotten the DP all those years ago and if he had this poor child's family would have seen true justice and saved the taxpayers many precious dollars that was spent for this POS's counsel, amusements, three hots and a cot??? How does a scum like this even being considered for early parole, he ATE THE CHILD'S FLESH!! And I totally support the father 103% for wanting to waste this puke because if this maggot is released early, then justice has never been served for this child and his family and I would supply the beer and the ammo and I used to work in LE and I have seen many cases where sex offenders and child killers have more RIGHTS than the victims and the families ever had and this justice system we have in place is beyond flawed!! You have low level drug dealers getting more time than a babyraper, you have scumbags like this guy who could get out early, you have molesters getting PROBATION the 1st time they molested which just empowers them to go after another kid!! This puke here has had many yrs to do nothing but time on their hands and I have seen pukes like him get out and within DAYS they re-offend! A guy in VT ,served 6 yrs for rape of a 4 yr old boy got out EARLY TOO, went to live on a cousin's farm despite the town's objection to him living there and 11 freaking days later he rapes an 11 yr old boy who came to the farm with his dad, went into the barn to see horses and this maggot jumped him from behind and this went on with his Dad only yards away! He was sent back to prison where he likely will max out on the remainder of his sentence which means when he does get out, he will be under NO supervision of any kind and people wonder why this distraught father wants to waste the puke that took his baby from him? And if he does, he should not serve one second behind bars, the justice system screwed him again!!!


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