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Coventry Public Foundation Provides Teacher's Aids to Elementary Schools

November 13, 2011

COVENTRY- The Coventry Public Education Foundation (CPEF) recently gave out Teacher’s Aids to the elementary schools around the town.

Audrey Levy-Lachance, Co-president of the Tiogue Elementary School PTA and secretary of the CPEF, explained that a Teacher’s Aid is constructed by placing two pieces of PVP piping together to form a telephone.

She said that when the child talks into the pipe it amplifies their voice which makes it easier to hear themselves speak.
Lachance said with younger children, it’ll help them learn how to pronounce their words better.

She said that this “helpful tool” has been on the market for a number of years but that a local business man had donated 1,000 of them to the CPEF a few weeks back


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