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And The Beat Goes On: Take time to appreciate nature

June 4, 2011

We don’t always take the time to appreciate the gifts of nature. There are so many people in the world affected by the change in seasons. Scientists have proven that living without sunlight for any length of time can produce profound disorders, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, a contributing factor in depression.
Weather appears to have changed dramatically in the last few years. Why? There are numerous thoughts and ideas but nothing substantial is known for certain. We can no longer depend on the weather to be fairly predictable.
This past weekend was the ‘unofficial beginning of summer’. We New Englanders who are used to the ‘wait and see’ attitude were feeling claustrophobic. We needed to be outside in the sun.
Amazing how we, the American people, continue to survive each catastrophic occurrence Mother Nature puts in our path and how quickly the sun shining down on us gives us feelings of euphoria—all is well with the world.
Universally, the sun seems to be the common denominator of joy.
When the sun shines through my windows in the morning, I am at my best physically. I cannot wait to get outside. My energy level has increased, my temperament is right with the world and I feel ready to take on the challenges of the day.
Conversely, when it continues to be dark and dreary outside I find myself fighting to keep myself upbeat. I feel tired and listless and everything becomes difficult. How do people in the parts of the world where there is darkness for long periods of time survive? Alaska is so far north that in the winter the sun is not seen for weeks and in the summer there are about six weeks when the midnight sun never sets.
This weekend, as we paid our respects to all those who gave us our freedom, I was more than appreciative of the sun shining down on all of us, reminding each and every one to take the time to cherish and be grateful for all of our blessings.
Personally, I have not walked in the shoes of our warriors but, as the sun continues to shine down and reenergize us, I am thankful they gave me my freedom to be able to walk in my shoes.

Merle “Magi” Green is the Editorial Assistant for SRI Newspapers and can be reached at

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