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And the beat goes on: Fall brings change but change is good (OPINION)

October 2, 2012

Decision making can be very difficult for people. There is so much information you need to take into consideration when you know that your choice will be affecting an outcome. That is a lot of power.
We are so very fortunate to have the freedom of choice.
Many years ago I was privileged to be associated with a company that felt it important to work closely with their associates. The idea of partnering together for common goals resonated throughout the business. We were goal orientated, and best of all we were decision makers together.
When you are young being impulsive is acceptable. As we grow, some of us become even more spontaneous in our approach. The analytical side of our personalities plays a leading role and when you add on an emotional drive to the personality, the options become endless.
I am a political junkie, so much so, that sometimes I cannot get out of my own way. The need to know everything before I choose a candidate is tiring. Unfortunately, so many of my past choices have disappointed me. Is it not possible that those who run for government, making one promise after another, also make an attempt to try to keep them?
So many years ago, as I waited to take a psychological profile questionnaire I began to feel anxious. What horrible traits am I going to let others know about me? Then I thought. “Wait a minute, wrong attitude”. This was my chance to find out once and for all where my strengths where. Weaknesses were just opportunities to improve. Reality can be a very enlightening experience when you allow yourself to be the change you would like to see in others.
Change is coming, that is inevitable, but just maybe, if we can all compromise, this can be the time to finish (or least try to find an acceptable solution to) all the unfinished business in the world.
Fall has arrived in all its splendor, may it be the beginning of the very best mankind has to offer to each other.
And the beat goes on!

Merle “Magi” Green is the Editorial Assistant of SRI Newspapers and can be reached at

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