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And the beat goes on: Eleven years later, we still remember (OPINION)

September 18, 2012

It seems like it just happened yesterday but this week we passed the 11-year anniversary of one of the most significant events of our lifetime. Each of us remembers what we were doing, where we were and how we felt on September 11, 2001.
Tragedy has a way of bringing people together. We are able to gain the strength to challenge each other to go forward and doing nothing is never an option.
Each month of the year can bring out own personal memories. Some are joyous, some are filled with heartache.
As a part of the older generation, I feel one of our roles is to try and not react to what life has brought to us but to accept what we cannot change and keep going ... attempting never to skip a beat.
Someday has arrived. We are going forward in trying to rebuild our lives and, at the same time, refuse to forget what has happened.
Yes, we are not as innocent as we were. What has happened has happened. We cannot change one minute of it but we can take from the experience all the positive changes that occurred.
We are a stronger world. We have begun to be more tolerant of each other.
We are a "melting pot" and time has forced us to rid ourselves of ignorant intolerance. Accepting our differences is the first giant step needed to changing our world. Each and every human being has the right to live their life their way.
Fall is a busy time of the year and elections are right around the corner.
Hopefully, we will all take the time to listen and learn so that when we vote we are comfortable with the people who will represent us.
September is a bitter sweet month for me so I have to remind myself to practice persistency in remembering it is not what you have but what you do with it that counts.
And the beat goes on!

Merle “Magi” Green is the Editorial Assistant of SRI Newspapers and can be reached at

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