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Alternative Energy in Coventry?

January 31, 2012

While turbines like this one on Route 95 in Warwick aren't yet common in the area, they could be if Coventry decides to implement a plan for alternative energy. Jerry Silberman.

COVENTRY — With the growing interest in renewable energy, wind turbines have become the latest topic of discussion in the town of Coventry as they look into different forms of alternative energy.

Town Manager Thomas Hoover explained that the town has been researching wind power for some time and that a bid was put out for companies back in November.

At the Jan. 9 meeting however, the council rejected all the bids due to complications and the process was restarted.

Hoover said that they are currently working on putting out new bids and will bring it before the council once a company is chosen.

“I absolutely believe that wind power will be beneficial for the town,” he said. “We’ve been pursuing all forms of alternative energy.”
Wind turbines are the upgraded versions of windmills. They work by using blades to catch the wind, which then turns a generator and creates electricity.

Once the electricity is created it is sent to a home or business to be consumed while the excess electricity that was not used may be sold back to the utility company.

Owner of Rhode Island Wind Power Tim Hetland explained that there are major benefits of wind power.

“Wind is free and if you have a decent site and average yearly wind speed of 12 mph, you can do fairly well,” he said.

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