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December 23rd

NKHS student praised for scholarly efforts

December 24, 2012


NORTH KINGSTOWN—It’s been a great month for Sam Finneran.
Finneran, a North Kingstown High School senior, picked up two honors last week as the NK School Committee commended him for being named as a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist and Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin selected him as his “principal nomination” for the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers

December 22nd

Tell Me Your Story: Dedicated donkeys are still bringing light to the world

December 23, 2012

During this holy season of Advent, in which we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, I find myself contemplating the role of the humble donkey in the two most significant events in Christianity.
A donkey was there in the beginning, carrying Mary to a stable in Bethlehem; another was present at the end, bearing Christ triumphantly into Jerusalem the week before his crucifixion.

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers

December 21st

Maia-Cicero remains EWG chair

December 22, 2012

Special to the Standard

WEST GREENWICH—The organizational meeting of the Exeter-West Greenwich School Committee resulted in no changes last Wednesday evening.
The election of the school committee’s chair, vice chair, clerk and choosing who would represent the committee on the Rhode Island Association of School Committees (RIASC) ended with the members already in those positions still in place.

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers

December 20th

Politics as Usual: What America needs is a conversation about guns (OPINION)

December 21, 2012

I have always been a strong Second Amendment supporter.
It’s not that I have any particular love for guns; I have never fired a gun. I don’t really like guns and I don’t particularly like it when people bring guns around me. If you want to know the whole truth, people who are really enthusiastic about their love for guns and shooting weird me out a little bit.
But the same way President Obama seems to think people “cling to guns,” I cling to the Constitution and am loath to see “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” messed with, especially in an ad hoc or knee-jerk manner.

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers

December 19th

Curmudgeon's Corner: Tighter gun laws wouldn't have prevented violence (OPINION)

December 20, 2012

How does one react to the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday?
It didn’t take long for the anti-gun lobby to jump to the conclusion that the massacre of 20 young children and six women members of the faculty and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School illustrates the need for stricter controls on guns. In fact, one congressman issued a press release within an hour of the announcement of the event, literally before any facts were known. Perhaps he has a press release prepared “just in case”.

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers

December 18th

Tax amnesty program generates $17 million

December 19, 2012


PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island’s tax amnesty program generated more than $17 million following its conclusion last month, according to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.
The amnesty provided Rhode Islanders with the opportunity to pay delinquent state taxes without penalties and with an interest rate reduction of 25 percent.
“We’re delighted that so many Rhode Island taxpayers took advantage of this opportunity to clean their slates and get a fresh start,” David M. Sullivan, Rhode Island tax administrator, said in a statement.

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers

December 17th

Youth to Youth takes flight at Quonset

December 18, 2012

Special to the Standard

NORTH KINGSTOWN – On a brisk Sunday morning in various corners as well as the yard of the Quonset Air Museum, eight teenagers are enthusiastically polishing, cleaning, sanding and painting pieces of history.
Working with the museum’s older members who serve as mentors – sharing technical information and personal knowledge – the youngsters spend five hours every weekend contributing a high level of energy to normally drawn-out projects.

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers


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