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Archive - Aug 2011 - News Article

August 4th

NK business cited for 18 OSHA violations

August 5, 2011


NORTH KINGSTOWN – Almost five months after a 26 year-old Composite Rigging employee, Andrew Pelletier, was killed in an industrial accident, the company is now being cited with 18 serious safety violations.
The Glocester resident and 2003 graduate of Ponaganset High School had just begun working at Composite Rigging, located in West Davisville, days before his March 15 death.
Composite Rigging produces rigging for various types of sailboats.

There's no mini-vacation from life's little lessons

August 4, 2011

We all like to make a difference in lives, to think we're hip and tolerant creatures, to pat ourselves on the back for being such wonderful, understanding beings. It's not always necessary (or welcome).
Sometimes it's better to let nature take its course.
I had both lessons reinforced on my recent journey to Cape Cod. The first required a ride out to Provincetown. The second took place virtually outside my back door.
It takes a lot to nudge my butt off the private beach at Linnell Landing in Brewster (shared mainly with a large family reunion whose weeklong bocce tournament is as competitive as any Cape Cod Baseball League game I've ever seen), but an overnight storm blew in a brisk wind from the north and the only real break we've had from the heat and humidity this month. My wife and I decided it was a good day to drive out to P-Town.
The sky was cloudless, the waves at Race Point were spectacular, and downtown was packed with visitors, including quite a few families. There was absolutely nothing to be afraid of on this day. I could even picture the Bachmann clan enjoying some ice cream out by the dock, or the Santorum kids begging their parents to let them take home the large, fluffy black cat crashed out on a pile of T-shirts and scarves at Shop Therapy (I'd be willing to block their view of the rack of bumper stickers near the entrance).
I have one major issue with P-Town, however: that its largest parking lot requires one to cross or creep down Commercial Street. I just wish the town's founding fathers, when they laid it out, had ensured it was wide enough for two horse-and-buggy contraptions, let alone two cars.
And that led to a mini-confrontation.
After crawling around a van parked halfway up a curb, I finally reached the right turn that would take me out of downtown. A middle-aged female couple, however, did not watch where they were going as I slowly made the turn and practically walked into the side of my car.
In most places, that would prompt one or both parties to engage in a little name-calling, middle-digit waving or a few words unfit for general interest print publication. Instead, it prompted this sniff from one of the women:
“Heterosexual tourists!”
Now, I've been called the gay F-word a time or two in my life, but this is the first time I've heard “heterosexual” as a perjorative. My mind raced with choice replies like “Thank you, Madame Obvious!” or “Sorry, my wife's not switching teams!”, but thankfully, I had enough room ahead to drive away. (And I would've been lucky to get away with only a “Shut up!” from the passenger seat.)
It did leave me a little shook, though, hearing people whom I accept as they are attack me for what I am (although I could pass for a bear – P-Town has a lot more of those these days than the stereotypically young, ripped, fastlane-type gay male party animals). After all, they were old enough to have dealt on numerous occasions with being attacked for what they are (at least beyond the town line).
What I would like to tell them most, after some consideration, is that their behavior was right in the wheelhouse of those who exploit mistrust and dislike of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community for political gain or broadcast ratings points.
By the time we returned to our studio on Cape Cod Bay, the air had warmed enough for some beach time, although we were just past low tide. At low tide, I could walk over the dune to the beach, stroll nearly a half-mile past the high tide line, and barely be up to my ankles in water.
It was strange to see small signs out in the mud flat, at a 50-yard perimeter around what looked like a piece of driftwood, perhaps something left from the previous night's storm.
Only, that piece of “driftwood” on the sandbar which usually featured bocce for blood had some protection from two women warning kids to stay away from it. Good advice – the dark gray seal, one of several species that inhabit the waters around the Cape, is known to scare easily, bite humans and often perceive them as unfriendly.
Walking around the perimeter, I wondered if the little guy was alive. I could see him laying on his side, occasionally sticking his head up to see what was going on. The poor thing had been beached, and would have to wait awhile for the tide to come back in.
The women, local wildlife and conservation volunteers, had called the state Department of Environmental Management to notify them of the beached seal, and kept it under observation until help arrived.
Human help never arrived, but the ocean's cycle did lend a hand.
Not long before sunset, the tide arrived. With the signs having been removed, I cheated a bit, getting close enough to photograph “Buster,” as the kids named him, but still keeping a respectful distance. Finally, the water crept far enough over the sandbar to sweep him away.

Hopkinton Town Council approves special events

August 4, 2011

HOPKINTON - There will be some fun and unique events happening in town this year as the summer turns to fall. The town council approved three special event permits for up-coming charitable events at the town council meeting Monday night, August 1.

August 3rd

Preview the Standard Times today!

August 4, 2011

It's summer and you know what that mean's, it's time for warm weather and sunny days at the beach.
Still, the news doesn't stop just because the weather is nice and this week's Standard Times proves that as we fill you in on all the latest details regarding news this week that Composite Rigging, a North Kingstown business located in Quonset, was hit with 18 OSHA violations Monday following an accident in March that claimed the life of a young man.

August 2nd

Curmudgeon's Corner: Raimondo’s pension board is nothing but a farce

August 3, 2011

Kabuki is a theatrical art form popular in Japan in which dances are performed in a formal, stylized manner. In other words, everyone knows what the next move will be.
Kabuki could also be used to describe Rhode Island General Treasurer Gina Raimondo’s Pension Advisory Board.
This body includes one mayor, one business executive, four labor leaders, five consultant/educators and Governor Chafee’s director of administration.
So, you might as well say there are at least five advocates for public employees in the group.

August 1st

Train station project remains on track

August 2, 2011


NORTH KINGSTOWN – It’s been full steam ahead at the construction site for the new $22 million Wickford Junction Train Station project, which is slated to be open for commuters next spring.
Work is ahead of schedule and both the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) and Bob Cioe, owner of the property, are pleased with the progress of the construction.
“We’ve been getting good encouraging feedback from the community,” said RIDOT representative Bryan Lucier.

Although no longer pink, Goodies Ice Cream still a Galilee tradition

August 1, 2011

NARRAGANSETT – For six summers, those craving their favorite ice cream have taken refuge in the little pink cottage of Goodies Ice cream Shoppe on Sand Hill Cove Road in Narragansett. Yet, this summer ice cream lovers may be at a lost when they do not see that pink cottage. However, Goodies owner Cheryl Pelchat wants her customers to know Goodies is still here and only moved its location just one stop down at 236 Sandhill Cove Road from where the pink cottage used to be.

“It's a hop skitch and a jump away from the pink cottage,” Pelchat said.

Union files unfair labor practice charge against SK School Committee

August 1, 2011

SOUTH KINGSTOWN – After the School Committee filed a complaint in Washington Superior Court last Thursday against NEASK, the union took their own legal route by filing an unfair labor practice charge with the State Labor Board last week.

The charge sites bad faith or service bargaining against the school committee.

July 31st

Fire academy blazes trail

August 1, 2011

Special to the Standard

EXETER – Ladd School, once a scene of indescribable heartache and tragedy, was reborn yesterday as the Rhode Island State Fire Academy.
Dignitaries, including Gov. Lincoln D. Chafee, state Fire Marshal John E. Chartier, State Police Superintendent Col. Steven G. O’Donnell, Richard Licht, state director of administration, State Senate President M. Teresa Paiva-Weed – and representatives of fire and police departments across the state – attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


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