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October 17th, 2012

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October 18, 2012

It was another great fall weekend in North Kingstown as hundreds gathered at Smith's Castle for the annual Harvest Festival. In this week's Standard-Times, we take you to the event and bring you all the latest news regarding the Exeter Animal Shelter, the Exeter landfill and local businesses in North Kingstown.
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October 16th

And the beat goes on: Sometimes we all just need to slow down (OPINION)

October 17, 2012

Just when I thought occasionally forgetting a name or word was a sign of getting older, I have learned that younger people also share this unique quality. Honestly, that thought is disconcerting to me.
Maybe it is our electronic world that causes this as most of us have become computer savvy. Some of us even know how to abbreviate words with signs, but why? Texting gives me a headache. My mind goes much too quickly to get any of my thoughts down in print on a cell phone screen before I begin forget them.

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October 15th

Indoor track still a no-go for EWG

October 16, 2012

Special to the Standard

WEST GREENWICH—At Tuesday night’s school committee meeting, a request for a district-funded indoor track program was sent back to the creative funding skills of those involved.
The Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School Committee cited both hockey and gymnastics’ previous desires to have programs funded by the district in their decision.

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October 14th

Community members speak out on clean water

October 15, 2012


WARWICK — State officials and local businessmen gathered on Tuesday at Goddard Park to support Questions 5 and 6 on the upcoming ballot for November’s election. The two items, which have already passed through the General Assembly, would provide $40 million in bond support for clean water and open space initiatives throughout the state.

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October 13th

Tell Me Your Story: Former NK teacher chooses bilateral mastectomy

October 14, 2012

Special to the Standard

NORTH KINGSTOWN – What most people would regard as tragic is not how Anne Huling views the toll taken on her body through numerous surgeries and progressive deafness that forced her to end the teaching career she loved.
She is a survivor in every sense of the word; her spirit has risen to fight lung cancer which she feels was caused by second-hand smoke in a small, windowless teacher’s lounge.
She has battled back from abdominal surgery after two small growths were found in the colon: she also had her gall bladder removed.

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October 12th

Pixar Studios to hold 'Masterclass' at New England Tech

October 13, 2012

Special to The Standard

EAST GREENWICH – New England Tech is “UP” these days. Or will be, at least, on Oct. 12-13.
The school will be “UP” and “Monsters, Inc.” and “Brave,” and “Monsters University” (the next movie in 2013), and all those Pixar film titles when top animators from that prolific movie franchise conduct a two-day workshop at the East Greenwich campus.

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October 12th

Chariho Furniture: celebrating 25 years in business

October 12, 2012

WYOMING—Ed Smith, owner of Chariho Furniture, opened up his suit jacket and pointed to the red, white and blue American flag stitched inside.
“People say, ‘You can’t buy American-made clothing,’” Smith said. “It’s got to be American-made. I don’t think this country would be in the position it’s in if people felt that way.”
For Ed Smith, “Made in America” is more than an empty slogan. Chariho Furniture prides itself on selling only American-made solid-wood furniture. They carry over 100 different brands, 20 of them Amish, and they specialize in pieces made to the customer’s exacting specifications. Everything can be customized, from the wood to the fabric to the finish to the hardware.

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